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Air flow meter [Type : NXG_STK3_FLW]  
Technical Data

Air velocity transducer (NXG_FLW): Air velocity transducer used is a standard product which measures airflow in metres / sec. Anemometers have been traditionally employed for air flow measuring in industrial ducts. This cumbersome task requires performing a traverse of the opening, measuring and manually recording the velocity at numerous points, calculating the mean velocity, and then multiplying the mean velocity by the cross sectional area of the duct or opening to obtain the total volumetric flowrate measurement in cubic metre per minute.

With the newest microprocessor based anemometers, upto to a thousand data points can be stored in the memory for mean velocity calculation. Some units can even multiply the mean velocity by cross-sectional area to give the readout in CFM. These capabilities provide tremendous new convenience for the HVAC professional. It measures flow rate in meters / sec.

Air Flow Meter
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