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GRS EXPERIMENTS TUTOR - [ Type : GM 935] Print
Technical Data

GRS Experiments Tutor is designed primarily, to illustrates various Gamma Ray Spectrometer experiments using NaI Scintillation detector. It is an innovative self learning software tutor having appropriate menus which, when invoked, illustrate topics, covering theory, principles of Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Experimental procedures etc. Experimental menus provided, facilitate one to enter data after performing the experiments, go through calculation procedures & plotting of graphs / results etc. The following are the experiments that are covered in this Tutor software.

  • Study of Cs-137 spectrum calculation of FWHM & resolution for a given scintillation detector
  • Study of Co-60 spectrum calculation of resolution of detector in terms energy
  • Spectrum Analysis of Co-60 & Cs-137
  • Energy calibration of Gamma Ray Spectrometer
  • Finding an unknown energy of an isotope.

The main screen of the GRS TUTOR is shown below, which indicates the list of Experiments.

On selecting Experiment, the following window will be shown which shows the theory for that experiment.

Various pages can be viewed by clicking on sub-chpater titles on left panel. Experimental theory also includes the typical values, graph & computations.
After going through the theory , Data Entry can be done using the below screen .
The screen below shows graph for the entered values.
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