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STAND FOR END WINDOW G.M. TUBE - [ Type : SG-200 ]  
Technical Data
Stand for G.M.Tube Type : SG200 has been designed to hold end window G.M.tubes type GM120/GM125. This stand can be housed inside the lead shielding if required. It has both sample and absorber trays, the position of these trays can be adjusted from the end window of the detector. The stand made of plastic moulded parts is precisely made for sliding-in of sample and absorber trays.

SS Sample tray is designed to hold SS planchets or disc type radioactive standard sources (Beta or Gamma) or filter paper, secured by an SS ring. Standard Aluminum absorber discs can be interposed between the source and the detector for attenuating the radiation as seen by the detector.

This stand is an essential accessory for connecting end window G.M. tubes types GM120/GM125 to any of the G.M. counting systems manufactured by NUCLEONIX.
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