LEAD SHEILDING FOR BETA SCINTILLATION PROBE (Plastic scintillator based) [ TYPE : LS 241 ]
Technical Data
The Lead Castle Type : LS 241 is designed to shield the plastic scintillator based Beta probe type BSP-2 from background radiation. The shield is of 40 mm thickness and is built up of SIX interlocking rings, including one with door arrangement at the bottom. The top and bottom are covered by similar interlocking discs. A door is fitted in the bottom ring with 150 degree opening to facilitate easy access to the sample holding tray of Beta scintillation probe BSP-2. The door is fitted with heavy duty hinges and the inner side of the lead shield is lined with thin aluminium sheet to minimize scattering.
200mm dia x 370mm height (approx)
120mm dia x 320mm height
Approx. 96 Kgs.