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radiation monitor (radmon) - [ Type : RM 701 ]  
Technical Data

Radiation Monitor Type RM701 designed, manufactured and supplied by Nucleonix Systems is a state of art Micro-controller based unit which serves as a general purpose alarming survey meter for use in medical, agricultural, industrial & other installations where radioactive isotopes are used for a variety of applications.

This unit will be additionally used in measuring radiation levels in Reactor buildings, nuclear installations, Radio-chemical plants, reprocessing plants, etc., It measures doserate in the range of 0-10R/hr / 0-100mSv/hr in 5 linear ranges. It also measures count rate in the range of 0-99999 cps in 4 linear ranges.

It has a lot of unique features which includes user interface through a set of four commands buttons & the visual indication to the user is on a large analog LCD display. Data visualization is provided on both linear analog scale & direct digital display.


  • Measures gamma radiation doserate in work areas at Radiological installations and contamination of various commodities and items in a nuclear accident scenario.
  • Conforms to ANSI N42.17A & compliant.
  • Sensivity : 0.01mR/hr or 0.1 m Sv/hr.
  • Measures gamma dose rate in R/h or Sv/h
  • Dose rate accuracy of +/- 15% with Co-60
  • Overall response within +/- 20% in the energy range of 60 keV to 1.33 MeV.
  • Uses large area custom LCD display for dose rate visualization.
  • Preset alarm facility for generation of audio / visual alarms.
Radiation Detected
X and Gamma rays
A miniature halogen quenched GM detector or its equivalent with energy compensation filter
Measurement Unit
CPS / R/hr / Sv/hr
Measurement Range

Doserate : 0 - 10R/hr or 0 - 100mSv/hr in 5 linear ranges
Countrate : 0 - 99999 cps in 4 linear ranges

Within +/-15% with Co60
Indication (Visual)
Analog bar scale visualization along with direct digital indication on custom backlit LCD display.
Range Selection
Over Range
Senses over range & shows on display.
Energy response
within +/- 20% in the range of 60 Kev to 1.33 Mev
Time constant
Floating time constant of 4 sec / 8 sec.
Present Alarm Range

0-999.9 mR/h or
0-9999 µSv /h or
0-9999 cps

Built-in piezo buzzer for generating audio chirps for radiation events and alarm O/P for preset alarms.
User Interface
FN, ON/OFF, p & q are the four control buttons provided on the instrument. The above buttons allow the user to program and operate the instruments in appropriate manner for configuration and measurement.
6 Volts, DC, size AA, MN1500 LR6 (4 X 1.5 Volts), Alkaline cells.
Battery Indication
Battery low indication is provided on LCD display.
196H x 106W x 50D mm (approx)
Plot No.162 A & B, Phase-II, IDA, Cherlapally, Hyderabad-500051 India Phone:+91-40-32918055, 32914548 Fax : 040 - 27262146
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