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RADMON (MICRO) - [ Type : RM 703 ]  
Technical Data

RADMON (micro) Type : RM703 is a G.M. Detector based, battery powered, hand-held, general purpose radiation Survey Meter. This will be useful for dose rate measurements in Nuclear installations, Radiochemical plants, Reprocessing plants, etc. Additionally it will be useful in medical, agricultural, industrial and other installations where radioactive isotopes are used for a variety of applications. This product is designed around a Microcontroller Chip. It is provided with alpha Numeric LCD display for indicating the doserate in digits, dose rate as a bar graph, cumulative dose in digits. It covers wide range from 0 to 20R/hr in two range with auto ranging. This unit has a facility for storing the data into built-in EEPROM along with real time. The stored data can be recalled on to the display or transmitted to PC.


  • Conforms to ANSI N42.17A performance specifications for Health Physics instrumentation (portable) & compliant.
  • It is designed around Microcontroller Chip.
  • Uses energy compensated GM Counter.
  • Range changeover Automatic.
  • Accuracy+/- 15% with Co-60.
  • Facilitates storing recalling of readings and transmission of readings to PC.
  • Works on 6V (1.5x4V) dry cell batteries.
Halogen quenched G.M. detector with energy compensating filter.
Radiation detected
X & Gamma, from 60 Kev to 2 MeV.
Energy Response
Within +/- 20% from 60 KeV to 1.25 Mev.
Operation Ranges
Over range

Unit shows over range above 10R/hr to 1000R/hr.

Range Changeover
+/- 15% with Co-60.
16X2 alpha numeric LCD display; Digital display of dose rate and units in the first line, Bar graph or dose display in the second line.
Serial Port (optional)
Built-in micro USB port facilitates data down loading into PC. Data Communication Software with Micro USB connecting cable can be provided at extra cost as an additional option.
Built-in buzzer provided.
Data Storage
Storage of readings in built-in EEPROM. Stored Data can be recalled on to the display or transmitted to PC.
Control Buttons

START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC are the six control buttons provided on the instrument. The above buttons allow the user to program & operate the instruments in appropriate manner.

Real Time Clock
On board real time clock with battery backup keeps real time information. On selecting data storage, current real time is saved along with doserate.
6V DC size AA MN1500 LR6 (4x1.5) alkaline cells.
196H x 106W x 50D mm (approx).
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