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Technical Data

Geiger Counting system type GC602A manufactured by NUCLEONIX is an Advanced Technology based versatile integral counting system designed around eight bit microcontroller chip. This system is highly recommended for research work, apart from, its usefulness in the academic fields for teaching. This system along with wide end window G.M. Tube Type GM125 and Lead Castle will serve as an excellent Beta Counting System useful for swipe sample counting by Health Physics Labs. This counting system can be useful for carryingout a number of Nuclear Physics experiments such as Characteristics curve of a G.M. Detector, to verify the inverse square law for Gamma Radiation, determination of Beta Absorption correlation factor, efficiency of G.M.Counter for Beta Radiation, determination of the back scattering factor of a material for beta rays etc,. if it is used in a teaching lab.


  • Ideal choice for teaching labs in physics stream/Beta sample counting in health physics and research, applications.
  • 20 x 2 LCD dotmatrix display for counts, elapsed time and EHT
  • Counts capacity 999999, preset time 9999 sec
  • Variable EHT (0-1500V), 1mA
  • Store and Recall facility for data counts
  • Built-in parallel port for direct data printing
  • Built-in USB serial port for data downloading into PC
  • Programmability for lable assignment for a sample
 Geiger Counting System Research Model
G.M. Input (From G.M.Counter)
(a) Polarity : Negative
(b) Amplitude : 250 mV (min)
Resolving Time
6 micro sec (approx)
EHT Output
Variable EHT using tenturn pot upto a maximum of 1500 volts at 1 mA. Line and load regulation better than 0.05%. Ripple less than 20mV.
20 x 2 LCD dotmatrix display has been provided to indicate data counts, Elapsed Time and EHT.
Modes of operation

Preset count & preset time modes.

Counts Capacity

999999 counts

Preset time
(0-9999) sec.
Data Storage
Upto 1000 readings
Command Buttons
START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC command buttons have been provided on the front panel key pad.
Includes selection of Preset Time, Storing / Recalling of data, Starting and stopping of acquisition, lable assignment for data counts BG (Background), ST (Standard) & SP (sample) etc,.
Printer Port
Built-in centronics port facilities connection to a printer for direct data printing selectively.
Serial Port
USB facilities data communication to PC under programme control.
Paralysis Time
A choice of three paralysis times 250, 350 and 550 micro sec plus OFF position selected through PROG key.
G.M. Socket
MHV connector for connecting to G.M. Detector.
12V@ 1A through A.C Power, 230V, mains Adaptor.
Mechanical Dimensions
Plot No.162 A & B, Phase-II, IDA, Cherlapally, Hyderabad-500051 India Phone: +91-7207034546, +91-7331104481, 7331104482, Fax : 040 - 29706486.
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