Technical Data

Single Channel Analyser Type : SC530 manufactured by NUCLEONIX is designed primarily to be a constituent unit of Modular Gamma Ray Spectrometer Type : GR611M.

Single Channel Analyser SC530 is essentially used for pulse height analysis. It has THREE modes of operations namely INTEGRAL, NORMAL & WINDOW. In Gamma Ray Spectrometer the scintillation detector pulse output is proportional to the Gamma Energy and hence accurate measurement of pulse height by Single Channel Analyser will give the energy information.


  • Accepts both positive unipolar or bipolar pulses as input
  • Modes : INTEGRAL, NORMAL & WINDOW modes of operation
  • Discriminator : LLD & ULD
  • Output : Positive TTL
  • Window width constancy, better than 30mV
Positive unipolar or bipolar (0-10V) linear range.
Input Impedance
5K Ohm
Pulse Pair Resolution
Better than 1 micro second
4V positive pulse of 0.5 micro sec width
Output Impedance

Less than 100 ohms

Lower Level Discriminator
Variable from 0 to 10V by means of ten turn helipot.
External LLD Reference Input
(Optional ) 0 to 10V (12V maximum) 1K ohms input impedance
LLD Output
4V positive pulse of 0.5 micro sec width available on the rear panel
LLD Output Impedance
Less than 100 ohms
Upper Level Discriminator
Variable from (0-10V) in NORMAL mode. Variable from (0-1V) in WINDOW mode.It is ineffective in INTEGRAL mode.
Less than 0.3% of full scale for both discriminators.
Window width Constancy
Better than +/- 30 mV variation over the Linear 0-10V range.
Maximum Zero Offset
Less than 0.5% of full scale for both the discriminators.
Power requirements
+24V 20mA +12V 180mA , -12V 60mA -24V 5mA
Standard single width module
Module connector
Amphenol Connector Type : 26-159-24P-H (24 Pin Type) or NIM Standard as per AEC specifications TID 20893 (Rev) Type : AMP 204186-5