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POWER SUPPLY UNIT - [ Type : PS 402H ]  
Technical Data

Power Supply PS402H has been exclusively designed for delivering higher power outputs upto a maximum of 160 Watts. This has additionally +/-6V DC at 7.5A in addition to the other low voltage outputs +/-12V and +/-24V. It is designed to mate with the NIM Bin IB402. Both rack mounting and table top arrangements are possible. The LV supplies given out by this power supply are highly stable, with good regulation and low ripple.


  • Output rating 160 watts
  • Generates +/-6V D.C at 7.5 amps, +/-12V D.C at 3.0amps and +/-24V D.C at 1.5A.
  • Noise and ripple 10mV (rms) for +/-6V, +/-12V & +/-24V.
  • Regulation better than +/-0.05% for +/-12V & +/-24V and +/-0.1% for +/-6V.
Input Voltage

230V ac, single phase 50Hz with 10% variation in input voltage range.

50Hz + or - 3Hz
1.5A (max.) at 160W output, excluding 0.5 Amp for 115V AC output.
DC output

+/-6V DC @ 7.5A
+/-12V DC @ 3A
+/-24V DC @ 1.5A
Total combined load not to exceed 160W

AC output

115V AC @0.5A has been wiredup and provided at each of the module connectors.


For +/-12V and 24V +/-0.05% (total band 0.1%), for +/-6V +/-0.1% (total band 0.2%), Over the combined range of zero to full load and specified mains variation, for measurements made within 1 min. period.

For +/-12V and +/-24V is +/-0.3%, for +/-6V is +/-0.6% over any 24 hrs period at constant ambient temperature. Over the combined range of no load to full load and specified mains variation after 60 min. warmup.
Temperature Range
0 to 50 deg. C ambient.
Temperature Coefficient
0.02% per deg. C over 0 to 50 deg. C ambient.
Noise & Ripple (rms)

For +/-12V, +/-24V & +/-6V 10mV rms, after subtraction of GND noise.

Recovery Time

+/-12V and +/-24V outputs will recover within +/-0.1% and +/-6V outputs will recover within +/-1% of steady state value within 1000 micro seconds following any change in specified line voltage or between 10 to 100% full load.

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