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ALPHA PROBE - [ Type : AP 165 ]  
Technical Data
Alpha Probe type AP165 manufactured by NUCLEONIX is meant to be used along with Radiation Counting System model RC 605A for counting alpha samples. Radiation Counting System along with Alpha Probe essentially works as an Alpha Counting System.
Alpha Probe of NUCLEONIX make is essentially an integration of ZnS (Ag) scintillator screen, optically coupled to a 2” PMT and covered by a pin hole free aluminized mylar foil to provide, sealing against ambient light. Scintillations received by PMT because of Alpha particles will be converted to electrical charge and in turn to voltage pulses. Each of these events after amplification in the RCS will be counted. The required high voltage is applied (which is typically 900V) through RCS to the Alpha Probe.
Probe has a drawer assembly which facilitates sample placement on sample tray for counting applications. The counting samples are usually deposited on planchets of 25mm diameter or filter paper deposited air activity sample, upto 50mm diameter. A circular SS ring placed over the filter paper secures it and prevents the paper from getting jammed inside the drawer.
Detector material
Zns (Ag) Screen covered with Aluminized mylar foil
10mg/cm2 (1.5 micros thick)
Greater than or equal to 25% for Am-241 alpha
Background counts
less than or equal to 5 counts in 1hour
Photomultiplier tube
PMT of ETL / Hamamatsu make or its equivalent
50.8 dia (2")
Operating Voltage Range
800 to 900V
Drawer Assembly
Holds both 25mm dia SS planchets or 50mm dia filter paper
This is an essential acessory for the Radiation Counting System when the system is used for alpha counting application.
Probe housing material for PMT(Shell)
Cylindrical shell of SS material.
Probe drawer assembly material
Aluminium with black polyeuiethyne paint / Anodyzing.
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